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3B Landscaping was started in 2014 by 3 brothers from Collin County.  Aubrey, Travis, and Tracy are the principles of 3 brothers that form 3B. 


Aubrey graduated from Anna High with honors and is attending Collin County College while also keeping himself busy with mowing, backhoe work and retaining wall construction with his brothers.  He plans on an eventual engineerig degree from A&M. 


Travis is interested in dryland farming.  A technique of farming using drought resistant crops in semi arid areas.  Also, anything related to heavy equipment like tractors, combines or excavation equipment gets his attention. 


Tracy is currently working on his project car in his spare time.  A V-8 powered Mercedes Benz.  His plans include a degree in the forensic sciences.   


After starting small in and around Anna it has grown to a daily, full time operation in the spring of 2016.  3B serves Collin and Grayson Counties.  

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